“Paghida-et sa Kauswagan” Development Group, Incorporated (PDG, Inc.)

“Paghida-et sa Kauswagan” Development Group, Incorporated (PDG, Inc.) established in November 26, 1987 and registered on May 30, 1988 at Securities and Exchange Commission

Implementation location:

Negros Island

KEY ASK: Advancing advocacy for development effectiveness – CSOs best practices

Government agency
PDGs Role
Level of engagement
Positive impact
Barangay LGU
Municipal LGU
Provincial LGU
Member to the Local Special Bodies
Participate in planning and other processes as expected from the councils and committees where PDG was appointed
1. It boosts image/legitimacy as active CSO and partner of the LGU for community development.
2. PDG and partner Peoples Organizations can access government projects and livelihood support
1. On the effect of ATA 2020, some LGUs became hesitant to work with PDG and its partner POs because of redtagging of PDG and its partner POs.
2. In decision making, government organized and supported CSOs outnumber independent grassroots CSOs.
Department of Agrarian Reform Office (Municipal& Provincial Offices)
Together with the POs, PDG assists in Land Acquisition and Distribution processes including providing legal and para-legal support to farmers in land dispute cases.
Recognized partner of the DAR
1. Lobbied for speedy resolution of farmers’ issues on land reform coverage under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.
2. Serves in some other time as fiscalizer of the local DAR offices and officers
1. Absence of law for additional areas for LAD or land acquisition and distribution;
2. Connivance of some DAR officials to influential Hacienderos or big land owners in the province.
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
With the POs, asking a relief and intervention from the department on the issues regarding environment plunder and regulation of such for example large scale mining and quarry operations, big-ticket projects that negatively impacts on communities and the environment
Lobbying and processing of POs’ concerns
1. Regulated quarry operation in areas where problems and issues were presented to the department;
2. Can rally a positive and favorable public opinion on peoples / farmers issues against environmental plunder
1. Laws and program on the national level like Mining act of 1995
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
Assisting PPOs on engagement with DSWD for livelihood and other assistance
Recognized by LGUs
1. Easy access to some support and services from the DSWD
1. Requirement for accreditation and LTO as development social welfare organization /institution
2. Implementation of NTF-ELCAC made accessing of support from DSWD hardier
Department of Science and Technology (DOST)
Assisting POs on community based and people led economic development projects
Recognized partner but not officially accredited
Access technical and material support for POs IGA
CSO/NGO registration to PhiGeps or Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System
Commission on Human Rights
HRVs documentation, IECs
Recognized by the CHR as HR advocate institution
Provision of support to HR victims, friends from the commission serves as resource person in some HR related activities
Department of Justice / court representation
Assist POs and provides legal services
Representation for POs
Legal remedies to POs’ legal concerns
Legal system